The benefits are lightweight construction, extremely versatile and cost-effective all due to ultramodern PU-Technology and made by Vöhringer. We shape this fascinating material according to your requirements. We are producing individual profiles, shaped parts and complete  furniture elements in our 2 part high-pressure plant and robotic production line. Mixture, density and procedure are finely tuned according to your product. If needed we can consider inserts, sleeves or metal inlays already in the mould construction. The further processing is the peak of the product design. The multi talent PU hard foam offers a lot of creativity: Starting with the foil wrapping over to waterproof gloss lacquer up to noble leather covering.

Polyurethane – hard foam, the advantages:
  • Harmless to the environment
  • Excellent strength
  • Lightweight
  • Closed surface
  • Ideally age-resistant
  • Excellent insulation
Examples of application
  • Vehicle parts for Motorhomes and Caravans, e.g. roof lights frame, washstand covering, wheel arch.
  • Automotive components, e.g. belt holder, blinding
  • Construction parts for Yacht- and boat building
  • Functioning parts for furniture construction, automotive, medical engineering, e.g. handles and flaps.
  • Abrasion-proof guide rails
  • Profile for wrapping
  • Cladding
State of the Art: Our PU production lines
Batten: short preparation and production time, densities 300 – 500 kg/m3
Freeform parts: sheer endless possibilities, max. 13 kg injection weight, densities 300 – 500 kg/m3
Freeform visible parts: smooth high density surfaces, ideal for wrapping, densities 250 – 450 kg/m3
3D foil with foam-backing: economic components, not all sides laminated