Vöhringer – a successful Swabian story

Discover a strong middle class company with many  facets; family owned company and international group of companies, traditional and innovative, state-of-the-art and successful.

Vöhringer can look back on a nearly 100 year’s successful story. The Federal stade Baden-Württemberg appreciated the performance and engagement for sustainable production methods in 2011 with the medal of economy.

Slogan:            Always one step ahead
Mission:           Lightweight all from one hand
Team:              320 employees

Holistic experts

Vöhringer, founded in 1921, has its origin in wood converting. For lamination of panel stock we are the pioneer and international system supplier, leading the RV sector (recreational vehicle). Today we manufacture in four major product groups:

  • Panel laminating
  • Furniture parts and manufacturing
  • Profiles/ wrapping
  • Polyurethane (PU) parts

Our nationwide unique stock of wood-based materials enables us another business area :

  • Trade with different timber products
Location Trochtelfingen
  • Production panels laminating, furniture parts and interior manufacturing
  • Area: 24.000 m² , 5 laminating lines, daily 40.000 m²
  • Just-in-time logistic; up to 20 trucks per day for Europe-wide transport
  • Raw material store, 15.000 m3 derived timber product
Location Engstingen-Haid (Reutlingen)
  • Manufacturing and wrapping of profiles
  • 18.000 m², 7 wrapping lines
  • PU-production
  • Raw material store, solid wood, derived timber products,
  • Storage tanks of PU raw material
  • Picking locations profiles
Industry sector
  • Motorhomes and Caravans
  • Furniture industry, trade fair construction, commercial construction
  • Automotive industry
  • Door production
  • Yacht- and boat building